We've been Shortlisted in the Flip Runway Awards!

Flip Runway Awards Shortlist 2020


Exciting news! 

Done up North has two shortlisted nominations in upcoming The Flip Runway Awards 2020 recognising excellence in the Furniture Refinishing Industry 🍾🌟

We've been shortlisted for the Technical Award and also very honoured to have made a shortlist of 5 from all the shortlisted nominations (wow!) for the coveted Spotlight Award - an award which they have made even more meaningful this year.   

Nicky was the proud recipient of two awards at the last ceremony in 2019 - how fantastic would it be to repeat that feat! 

The Spotlight Award is open to a public vote so you can get involved and vote for us... or your favourite and help choose that person who has made the outstanding contribution to the Industry this year!

As Myra Tomlin-Reed of Flip Runway Distribution (the fabulous folk that bring our favourite Fusion Mineral paint to the UK amongst other things!) said "The Spotlight Award is open to a public vote and recognises community, camaraderie, pushing boundaries and elevating our amazing industry; those people dedicated to our art and bringing something vital and valued, who have pioneered and sought to make a difference.

"2020 has been incredibly tough for everyone and we want to lift each other up and cherish our continued support for each other. We asked you how you overcame the adversity of this year and we wanted you to answer with honesty and vulnerability."

Of course we're so proud to say we worked with so many wonderful people together online to get creative all through out the various lockdowns and restrictions of the last year through our online courses, groups and Live sessions! 

More than anything though we hope we inspired many people to get upcycling and hopefully something they will enjoy and continue to do even when things get back to normal! 

We're just so grateful for everyone around the World who came to do things with Done up North throughout this challenging year - we couldn't have done it without you!  🖤

You can read all the submissions here 

And you can
cast your vote here!  (this opens in Messenger - we're No. 4 😉)

Good luck to everyone in all the Categories from Done up North!