Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!
Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!

Online course: Modern Edge Furniture Upcycling - Join the Wait List!

Coming soon! 

Am very excited to soon be bringing you an improved and extended from the course I've been teaching all this year.   

That went down a storm (as you'll see from the comments below) but as with anything in life we perfect as we go and this one is going to be 6 weeks instead of 4 - each week  perfectly designed to help you create even more of those amazing furniture transformations! 

It's currently in development and will be launched in late November for booking and will run in January 2021 alongside my new Live Designers Hub membership group for access to live support, demos, Q&As and design inspiration.

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What will you get from my new Online course?

  • You will learn the techniques I use myself for creating cutting edge up cycled furniture, with a modern, smooth finish and eye-catching geometric designs

  • You will walk away being able to create unique and striking furniture designs like those pictured - all created on the April course by students working at home but with me online!

  • You will be able to transform a piece of your own furniture to a professional standard for a fraction of what it cost to have it created for you, as well as have gained the skills to use again and again on future projects

  • You will gain confidence in your ability to take a tired old piece of furniture and know how to best prepare it before refinishing it to get a really good result

  • You will know how to be able to choose products and how to apply them 

  • You will get live support from me through the course as you work on your own upcycled creation! That includes design support as well as technical support. 

  • By working side-by-side on our projects you get a much deeper understanding of the process, ability to practice and as a result you'll find you are able to ask many more useful questions to help develop your knowledge as you go along

  • You will be more motivated to complete your piece working with me weekly and with set points to move onto the next stage it will help you see your piece through to the end. 

  • Or, also, you can easily choose to work entirely at your own pace, to watch on catch up, or to re-watch at any point so it can fit in with your other commitments and still get support in the group to troubleshoot and ask questions as needed

  • You can benefit from a friendly community of like-minded folk all learning and creating together and share your progress and successes with one another in the private group

  • All course support materials, demos, Q&As and posts will be available to you to access whenever you want with no time limit as to how long for.

  • Learning in this way means you will work over a longer period giving you more opportunity to practice, play and really develop those new found modern upcycling muscles. And many more chances to ask me questions!

Why learn with me?

  • My style is pretty recognisable and so you're not just learning how to paint furniture any old way - I'll be showing you how to do it the Done up North way!  That means super smooth, fine finishes, glowing freshly refinished wood and visually exciting geometric designs - and of course learning how to use masking tape to the best effect so you can create endless unique variations of design to perfectly suit the furniture you're making over that no one else will ever have. 

  • My techniques have been developed over four years trial and error myself and so essentially I'm short-cutting you past a lot of the pitfalls and mistakes I have made so YOU don’t have to go through the same frustrating process I did!  I will get you to the good stuff - the enjoyable creating bit - much much quicker.  

    (I do also show you how to sort out mistakes too - we're only human after all! ;) 

  • The workshops are packed with value as I happily share all of my tips, insider info and personally gained experience of sourcing, upcycling, designing and selling - (if you are interested in taking that route) - furniture

  • I will also share personal insights from my own creative journey to help you if you find you are struggling with confidence in your abilities or creativity as I understand this well myself! 

  • You will be learning the exact techniques I use myself to create high quality pieces for my customers that are specifically designed to be sympathetic, well balanced designs that will look good and stay looking good for a long time to come. 

  • As an International award-winning Upcycler / Refinisher you can also be sure you're learning from one of the best ;) 

  • I have shared what I've learned with over 250 students to date, many of whom have moved on to become Professional Furniture Upcyclers themselves

  • You'll save time and money and a lot of effort knowing the right products and how to use them. 

Is this course for you?

  • This is a perfect course if you have never even lifted a paintbrush as I’ll show you everything in detail right from the very start!  You don't need any experience at all as I'll coach you on everything you need. 

  • It’s also great for you if you have some experience but perhaps want to enhance your knowledge or skills or improve a specific aspect of your technique (have a look at the modules below for more detail) 

  • It’s also great if you already a Pro and skilled in certain areas and want to add new techniques to your repertoire! 

  • And it’s definitely going to be perfect for you if you want to get started with Masking Tape Design or get better results than you’re currently getting.  

  • In fact, all the whole course has been designed to ensure the success of your masking tape work – as each module contributes important methods to follow if you want to achieve the perfect outcome. 

What to expect on the course

You can expect to walk away with a piece of finished furniture at the end.   

Pretty much all of the photos here are pieces that were created on the course by students as well as my own demo pieces so this shows you just what is possible! 

You can study at your own pace as I lead you through my own process of Furniture Upcycling from start to finish, including getting a really smooth contemporary finish and creating those first masking tape designs before wrapping up with those all important finishes and finishing touches. 

The material is presented in videos broken down into easy to watch sections with lots of accompanying reference notes and worksheets to help you as you go.  

Online support from me is available through a monthly Q&A additionally or you may decide to come and join my Designers live hub where you can access plenty of support, inspiration and be part of a like-minded community creating exciting designs for stylish homes! 

These are the topics covered:

  1. Preparing & fixing your piece
  2. Painting techniques for a super smooth finish
  3. Creating a signature Masking tape design and how to get a perfect result
  4. Finishes and finishing touches 

This is what previous attendees said about the course...

(Most of the images used here are pieces created on the course!)

"Taking part in the online workshop was a really smart move and exactly what I needed.  I feel confident in tackling different – and larger – pieces of furniture now, and have several lined up ready to be re-imagined. I’d recommend Nicky’s workshops to anyone interested in up-cycling, furniture prep and – of course – masking tape design. Her explanation of each step is crystal clear and I really enjoyed learning from her. I’m really proud of what I created, and did it happy in the knowledge that I didn’t cut any corners like I probably would have done previously." 
Grainne Slavin

"Before I started working with Nicky, I was struggling to know where to start with masking tape design and what order you did the different steps.  But I’m so glad I joined her workshop as I learnt all the skills I needed.   Nicky really helped me get clear on the process, the tools required, how to avoid mistakes and importantly, when mistakes do happen, how to correct them!"  

Helen Meredith

"Your course was a game changer for me. Apart from the art of furniture upcycling I also mastered the technique of geometric design. Your course content was on point and easy to follow. I found your live tutorials fantastic with plenty of tips and tricks especially if something went wrong and it did not matter if you where a novice or a seasoned upcycler.  And last but not least you were on hand after each session to answer any questions of which there were many!!! It was a pleasure Nicky from start to finish."  
Pauline Dooley

"Before I started working with Nicky, I was struggling with what type of products I should be using to get a smooth, hard wearing contemporary finish to my furniture.  I tried a lot of products but was never really satisfied with the results I was getting.  I then found Nicky on Facebook and could see that she was producing the results I was looking for.  I signed up to her online course and was so pleased that I did.  Nicky course took me through all of the stages of prepping, painting and finishing furniture.  She was on hand to answer any questions I had.  The best thing about the course is that I now have it as a reference guide. Only yesterday I went back into one of the recorded classes to revise what I had learned.  If, like me, you are new to the world of furniture painting and you want to produce a contemporary finish to your furniture.  Spend the money and take Nicky’s course!  The course will give you the skills you need turn out beautiful work. I am now confident that I can sell my work and start my business. Thank you Nicky !  Your online course was extremely helpful to me."   
Linda Stone 

"Nicky really helped by sharing so many tips and advice to get a great finish, the tools she uses, the techniques, dos and don'ts and was very 'normal'  which made me feel like with practice I could create some gorgeous geometric patterns as well! Nicky was very accessible to us even though we were not in the same country or time zones, the demonstration was great, as were the group chats and Facebook group, I still feel like if I had a question I could message Nicky and she'd have the time for me. Even though I'm fairly experienced I still found there were tips that were useful and the discussions altogether with the other participants were interesting and useful, but definitely if you want to demystify how to create all those gorgeous geometric furniture pieces we keep seeing pop up on Instagram." 
Hayley Noakes

    If you have any questions please feel free to message me

    I'll look forward to working with you to create amazing new modern designs together!

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