two side tables before they have been upcycled at workshop
before and after bedside table upcycled furniture leeds
before and after coffee table up cycling furniture leeds
Nicky owner of Done Up North Furniture Upcycling
Group learning at Done Up North Upcycling Workshop Leeds
upcycling workshop Leeds learning to recover furniture
three women in workshop painting furniture done up north style
Group learning furniture upcycling leeds
Upcycling workshop in action in leeds
3 workshop participants with their completed up cycled furniture at workshop in leeds
before and after side table with geometric sun shine design gold and black
Happy workshop participants with their Done Up North style furniture completed
before and after side drawer geometric design blue gold
before and after cabinet green white and gold geometric upcycled design
before and after side table geometric upcycled masking tape design
before and after vintage coffee table upcycled to white and blue edging
done up north geometric masking tape upcycled coffee table
coffee table upcycled with eye catching geometric black and white design leeds workshop
side table upcycled with red blue and white geometric masking project
set of drawers upcycled with red and yellow vibrant modern geometric design
upcycled cabinet black and gold geometric diamond design done up north style
nicky owner of done up north in action with masking tape preparation for upcycling project


A new date will be announced soon for this workshop.  Don't miss out...

Join the wait list using the form at the bottom of this page and find out first when places become available!  

Why join my Online workshops?

  • You will learn to create unique and striking furniture designs and learn the Done Up North techniques for cutting edge upcycling. 
  • Take the fear out of upcycling. I will teach you where to start with creating modern, smooth finish and eye-catching geometric designs. 
  • Starting an upcycling project together will make it feel easier and more enjoyable so you are motivated to get started. 
  • If you've already started a project and are finding lots of pitfalls during these workshops we can trouble shoot so you can move your project forward. 
  • You too will be sharing your own exciting designs… and enjoying those amazingly satisfying masking tape reveals!
  • Learning in this way means you will work over a longer period giving you more opportunity to practice, play and really develop those new found modern upcycling muscles. And many more chances to ask me questions!
  • You will get my Upcycling reference guide as part of the course materials.

Why learn from Done Up North?

  • I have worked out the best techniques over several years of trial and error myself and so now YOU don’t have to go through the same painful, frustrating process to learn it all by yourself. 
  • The workshops are packed with value as I share all my tips, insider info and personally gained experience of creating and selling furniture to help short cut you to the good stuff and help build your confidence in your work too.
  • You will create a unique distinctive modern design and can be confident you'll have a brilliant, professional result by the end. 
  • We will arm you with the tried and trusted methods we have developed over the years, and shared with over 200 people, some of whom have moved on to become Professional Furniture Upcyclers themselves.
  • You'll save time and money knowing the right products and how to use them. 

Is this course for you?

  • This is great if you have never even lifted a paintbrush as I’ll show you everything in detail right from the very start. 
  • It’s also great if you have completed a few projects and want to enhance your techniques, perhaps to get a smoother paint finish!
  • It’s also great if you already a Pro and want to add new techniques to your repertoire! 
  • It’s going to be perfect for you if you want to get started with Masking Tape Design or get better results than you’re currently getting.  
  • In fact, all the whole course has been designed to ensure the success of your masking tape work – as each module contributes important methods to follow if you want to achieve the perfect outcome.

What to expect on a workshop

In the first of my Done up North Style Upcycling Series I will take you through my process of Furniture Upcycling from start to finish and take you through getting a really smooth contemporary finish and creating those first masking tape designs.  

This is a special online version of the courses I have been teaching face-to-face to sold out classes for the last 18 months. 

These are the topics for each week:

  1. Selecting, fixing and preparing your piece
  2. Painting techniques for a super smooth finish
  3. Creating a signature Masking tape design and how to get a perfect result
  4. Finishing touches 

Plus: lots and lots of industry insider tips from me gained through working day to day as a professional furniture re-finisher and upcycler! 

After you graduate from this course you could choose to take things on further by joining us on the Advanced Masking Tape Design Workshop, workshops on stripping wood and wood finishing, decoupage and gilding. 

What people are saying...

"Just completed the upcycling workshop with Nicky at Done up North. It was a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Lots of useful tips and help along the way. Nicky makes the day very enjoyable and meeting other like minded 'upcyclers' from those of us who are novices to those already giving it a go. I would highly recommend her workshops. I especially enjoyed giving the geometric designs a go (with Nicky's help) and I am pleased with my finished result."

"Nicky was brilliant!!!! A mine of information on all aspects, learning different techniques, with masking tape blows your mind with the outcome. It was a real fun experience and the time just whizzed by. It was great to see other people’s vision for their pieces and the results. Book on to a workshop you will not be disappointed. A great big thumbs up 👍 from me 😁"

How it will work

  1. The workshop will be taught through a series of Webinars.  They’ll be held in a Facebook group – one evening a week for 4 weeks.
  2. In each session I’ll work on a piece at each stage so you can really see what it takes and me doing the work too! 
  3. You can ask questions in the private Facebook group as you set about your own projects afterwards and I’ll be on hand to help as you do.  
  4. Before the next module begins there will be a live FAQ / Show & Tell Zoom call to trouble shoot any issues you’ve had working on that particular stage too.  
  5. At the end you can enjoy sharing all of your finished pieces and masking tape reveals with everyone!
  6. Don’t worry though if you can’t make the sessions live as you can watch them in your own time and work at your own pace.  You can play them back as many
    times as you like with no limits on how long you can access them for.   

What you get with this online version of the workshop

  • There will be lots of interaction during and after the process so you are as fully (if not more) supported as an in person workshop. There will be lots of opportunities to sense check your progress and ask questions.
  • If you can't usually get to my in-person workshops this is your chance to learn with me live. This course will probably change into a fully recorded course next time around so don't miss out on this opportunity to work with me 1-to-1.
  • You will also get my Upcycling reference guide as part of the course materials and detailed weekly worksheets plus ad hoc demo videos as needed. 

What you need to participate 

  • As soon as you book on you will receive a supplies list of recommended items with my personal choices - as well as alternative suggestions, that you will need in order to work along with me broken into the 4 weeks of the course.  
  • So all you need to do is find yourself a piece of furniture to work on and you can work alongside me and through the week in between our sessions or at your own pace and to suit your own schedule.   
  • A small side table or beside cabinet is the norm but you do have a bit more time to do each stage than the one day folk do.  Just don't be too ambitious to start with so that you can concentrate on the methods and not be overwhelmed by the size or complexity of the piece! ;) 
  • Flat surfaces do help if you want to do a masking tape work. It's better to choose a wooden piece if you can but I'll through prepping all types of surfaces in readiness for your designs!

If you have any questions please feel free to message me

I am looking forward to upcycling Done up North style with you!

Nicky x

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