Our Black Star vintage table is off to a new home after a giveaway on Instagram!

Our Black Star design upcycled vintage side table is off to a new home after our first giveaway on Instagram!

We teamed up with Sally - who is better known as @flower_heart_flower - to run the giveaway and she gave the table a bit of her styling magic in her lovely dark and delicious home.

The competition proved rather popular with well over a 1300 entries and lots of shares for extra entries, which was so exciting to be part of.  

This table was covered in mid-brown varnish with no discernable wood grain at all and lots of chips & water marks when I picked it up in a charity shop. It was totally stripped back and then a star design was marked out and painted in relief to leave the loveliest part of the original Tiger Oak grain on show. 

It's long been a favourite little table and had plenty of admiration but had so far failed to find a new home as sometimes just happens! So I thought it was time to get it off and being enjoyed by someone.  Now it's finally off with the lucky winner being picked at random on Friday!

They will have the table delivered to them personally and we hope we can share some lovely pictures of it making itself at home. Fingers crossed :)

Make sure to follow Done up North on Instagram for future giveaways! 

Black star upcycled vintage side table styled by Sally Worts   

Black star design upcycled table with exposed Tiger Oak grain





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