About Done up North

Done up North is an multi-award-winning designer and innovator in the world of Vintage Modern Furniture upcycling.

I'm Nicky, the designer behind the brand.

I've been upcycling furniture for over 5 years and in that time featured publications such as Observer Design Magazine, Real Homes and Reclaim and appeared on stage at events such as Grand Designs Live and Living North Live and exhibited at Clerkenwell Design Week and Decorex. 

I have recently joined the artist and designers on BBC TV's foremost upcycling show, Money for Nothing. 

I'm also associate member of the House of Upcycling, the UK's leading authority on professional upcycling.  I'm also an Ambassador for their membership of the British Institute of Interior Design.

I've been teaching my techniques online to students around the World, in person at my Leeds Studio and via my coaching groups for over 3 years, working with well over 1500 other aspiring upcyclers to date! 

My ethos is very much about working with those pieces of furniture that really need rescuing, restoring, restyling to make sure they can go on to be loved for another lifetime.   

I create understated but expressive Modernist-inspired designs which aim to carefully balance the old with the new to elevate them into unforgettable statement pieces.

I also upcycle pieces, amending their purpose and function turning them into  desirable pieces more suited to the contemporary lifestyle; simple, old cabinets become stunning Drinks Cabinets, for example.  Drawers can be turned into hidden cupboards without affecting the outside integrity.  Storage can be added to discretely make the interior more usable. 

Having studied Art and Design, Textiles and Interior Design, I bring an eye for detail and particularly a keen sense of balance to all my work. 

I've found I'm naturally adept at absorbing the tastes of my clients in order to create designs that work perfectly for them and their style when I'm working on commissions.   

It's something I particularly enjoy doing too.  I also have a strong affinity with restyling inherited family pieces in a sympathetic, thoughtful way - bringing new design without losing touch with the sentiment of the piece.

I always design for pieces with a view to creating something timeless and enduring, which will become an heirloom piece in the future itself. 

Beyond that I feel strongly inspiring people to consider 'doing things up' before replacing them, to live a more creatively and authentically and create a life and a home that bring them pleasure. 

I use environmentally friendly and non-toxic products wherever possible, making each creation and the process as sustainable as possible.  I'm always investigating new methods to improve on this too and am always happy to talk about 

If you'd like to talk to me about a project, I'd love to chat to you - please get in touch!

Nicky x

Contact me:  nicky@doneupnorth.com  or call 07786 070809


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