About Done up North

 Hi, I’m Nicky, the furniture artist and designer behind Done up North.   

Using Early and Mid-Century Modern furniture as my canvas, I create striking geometric designs for lovers of creative interiors and Vintage Modern Home style.  

Nicky Cash, the designer behind Done up North

What fascinates me about this period of furniture design is the influence of Modernism and the emphasis on the  linear. Every detail is considered and carefully balanced to create a striking design that works cohesively. 

I love to celebrate the beauty within these iconic pieces but also push hard on the boundaries of modern and contemporary-inspired designs to elevate them. 

My passion and ethos is to take pieces that have lived a life already and completely rejuvenate and invent them through my designs, which both honour the Modern design era but also incorporate more progressive elements, and turn them into timeless investment pieces and 'Antiques of the Future'.

No two pieces can ever be the same as each is designed individually.

Every line is created by hand with meticulous precision and accuracy.

Black, white and Teak sideboard

The finished design is always hand-painted with highly pigmented colour and sparkling metallic paints and protected with incredibly smooth and durable finishes.

I use environmentally friendly and non-toxic products wherever possible, making each creation and the process sustainable.

My range includes reclaimed wood wall hangings, side tables, chest of drawers, sideboards and upcycled drinks cabinets. 

Each one designed individually with designs to thrill and excite.  I love Creating visually pleasing order in our chaotic World! 

The Done up North design style has inspired many others to create geometric designs for furniture and, due to demand, I now also teach my refinishing techniques in the Done up North Design School and coach aspiring new professionals through my online groups.

Done up North is Associate Member of the House of Upcycling and a representative Associate for their membership of the British Institute of Interior Design.

The Done up North Studio is based in a converted Mill near Leeds, West Yorkshire. 

If you'd like to talk to me about a project, I'd love to chat to you. 

Contact me:  nicky@doneupnorth.com  


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