Upcycling for Interiors

As you're here I'm guessing, like me, you are interested in making more all of the things we already have on this planet and creating a more characterful and individual home, as well as being able to create and expressing yourself more in your life. 

The pleasure of bringing new life to old things, treasuring and valuing quality pieces and the benefit that has for our environment, and often too our pockets, which also makes our homes and other interior spaces more meaningful, interesting, authentic and personal. 

There are so many opportunities decoratively to make a difference to our individual sanctuaries through upcycling, re-purposing and restoration and I'd add to that simply loving and appreciating past design purely for how and what it is, whether salvaged, vintage store hunted, thrifted or inherited. 

Of course the big one you and I know is furniture, but fabrics and furnishings, decorative items, fittings & fixtures all have the potential to be re-worked and re-born if they are no longer lovable in their current state (or just need to tie in a little bit better!)  

If that all excites you in theory but in practice you aren't quite sure where or how to start, don't worry you're in a good place...

Whether, you are looking to have something upcycled for you or would appreciate some hands on design help to look at what you've got that can be upcycled and how, or want to learn to enjoy the art of upcycling yourself, I'd love to help. 

Have a look at some of the options below for help with Upcycled design, including the newly launched Upcycling Consultation sessions

If you'd like to arrange an Upcycling talk, private Workshop or demo for your event, audience or company or get some insight from an Upcycling expert, drop me a line at studio@doneupnorth.com for a chat

Nicky x

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