Whether you want to be able to restore furniture for yourself, would like to learn the best professional techniques with a view to selling, or already are a Pro looking to up-level your skills, this Course will cut through the confusion and give you what you need to confidently repair, refinish & beautify old, tired Wood furniture.

This unique Course can be taken from wherever you are in the World either Live alongside and supported by me working together or self-paced in your own time. 

Cut through the confusion and get right to the enjoyment of creating beautiful Wood!

    Done up North geometric cocktail sideboard

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    ⚡️To cut through the wealth of information, advice and answers out there and get exactly the steps you need to get great results, clearly explained

    ⚡️To understand the techniques and methods to make choices for yourself in future

    ⚡️To fast-track your knowledge by exposure to multiple projects and solutions for the different issues that can arise with old furniture

    To enjoy the learning process in a supportive environment instead of struggling alone

    ⚡️To have just finished your first amazing Wood restoration project in 6 weeks! 

    To be feeling confident to tackle your next project! 

    Pay in Two Monthy Instalments!

    The 10% offer will be automatically applied at the Checkout if you opt for the payment plan too! 

    * THE LIVE SESSIONS ARE TUES at 10.30am and THURS 7pm (GMT) *

    How the Course works 

    In-depth Live Demos

    The Course is delivered in stages via weekly Live sessions where I'll demonstrate techniques close up.

    Flexible format

    Take the Course in the way that you prefer.  Join scheduled sessions or go at your own pace and watch on catch up.

    Live Support 

    Get the benefit of Live support through out thanks to weekly live Q&A sessions and a private Facebook Group. 

    Course resource area

    Access whenever you need it to all the course recordings & learning materials via a dedicated Course website. 
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    Assessing your Piece
    Introductions to the Course, the group and the furniture. Assessing your piece, understanding the type(s) of wood, the condition and planning what work it needs and the best approach.
    Getting back to the Wood
    In-depth look at the various stripping methods, hands on application demonstrations.  Exploring which method is best for which projects from sanding, to stripping, to scraping to using heat and beyond. 
    Making the Wood Sound
    Working on repairing the furniture itself and the damage to the wood surfaces, through a variety of methods, including repairing and replacing veneer.  Plus how to 'touch up' filled areas to mimic the Wood grain and blend them in. 
    Done up North Drinks Cabinet before and after geometric design
    Enhancing the Wood
    Exploring different ways to enhance or change the wood shade, Staining, Lightening & Toning and also how to incorporate those into designs and when in the process. Plus the easiest way to make the Grain 'Pop'  before you lay down a design or protective finish. 
    Protecting the Wood
    In-depth walk through all the different finishes and application techniques, Pros/Cons and how choose what offers the best protection for your project. Also how to use Finishes to alter wood shade and enhance without stripping. 
    Finishing Touches 
    Looking at how to re-finish the rest of your piece, handles/hinges, backs, insides etc. and ways to deal with those old furniture 'quirks' such as warping,  mis-alignment, sticking, odours etc. 

    Are you ready to get started on your own Amazing Wood Restoration projects?

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    Is it for Beginners or the more Experienced?

    This Course is really for anyone who wants to get all the skills they need to be able to fully enjoy restoring old furniture. 

    You don't need to have any previous experience as you'll get to go through the whole process from scratch. 

    But it's also great for you if you have some experience but want to improve a specific aspect of your technique or add new skills to your repertoire. 

    And actually previous Pro course attendees have found going through the process step-by-step is a great way to sense check what you are already doing - which can give you more confidence too! 

    It's also a really great Course for anyone who would like to add designs onto Wood surfaces, as well as learn restoration and refinishing techniques.  

    The sequence of products and application will enable you to create designs and protect them in the best way, whilst bringing out the beauty in the Wood at the same time. 

    When is the Course?

    The Course will kick off in the 2nd week of February 2023.   

    The opening Live session will be for introductions and assessing the pieces and planning the work required, with work starting on them the following week.  

    It will run for 6 weeks in total with Live support available in the Community group until the end of March 2023.  

    Can I join if I'm not in the UK?

    You absolutely can! You might even find there is someone else in your location!

    I have worked on previous online courses with people in the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, The Netherlands and Italy so this Course has been put together to work in the same way. 

    We can work together to find alternative products for you if the ones I recommend aren't available where you are. 

    The Live sessions will be arranged at different times to best accomodate the locations and time zones of the participants.  

    What do I need to take the Course?

    You will need a piece of furniture and tools and products. 

    You'll get a guide to help you choose something to work on once you join, if you haven't already got something in mind! 

    I'll ask everyone to share what they are planning to work on so I can help you assess what it needs. 

    You'll also get a list of essential items before the Course starts, with some optional extra items which will depending on the demands of the actual piece you have chosen.

    The supply list will be split into Modules and the best approach is to look to see what you need at that stage. 

    I'll help you find alternatives if you can't find things where you are, but most of the tools and products will be easy to get hold of and relatively inexpensive.  

    It doesn't take a huge investment in equipment to take this Course.  You can always add tools down the line as you tackle more projects.

    You will need access to a computer / tablet to access the Course resources area on the website as it only works via a web browser. 

    How does it work if I can't join in Live

    All of the Course modules are recorded and available to watch on replay so you can watch them at a time that works for you and as often as you like after that.   

    The Live Demo sessions will be held weekly with a hosted re-play along with Live Q&A at a different time of day to give a greater opportunity for you to join in. 

    If you know you won't be able to make any of the sessions live, you can watch the sessions in your own time can still access support from me as I'll be available to help you through the Facebook group. 

    How long do I have to complete the Course

    The Live running of the Course will come to an end after the 6th Module but the community group will still be available to help you finish your project successfully.  

    But you can take the Course as quickly or slowly as you like depending on your other commitments.

    It can depend on the size and complexity of your project how long it will actually take, but I would suggest if you would like to work along live, to be able to commit 4-6 hours a week to practical work. 

    If you have more time you can go more quickly than that of course!  

    The most important thing is not to feel pressure and to enjoy the Course.  

    Your access to the materials is forever, so if life gets in the way, you don't need to worry!  

    I'm not on Facebook so can I still take part?

    Yes!  You absolutely can. 

    All of the Course resouces are all accessible through the dedicated Members area of the Done up North website. 

    Live Demos and Q&As will be hosted on a different application (and then streamed into the Facebook group) so you can use the event links on the website to access directly. 

    You are still ask questions in real time without needing to access Facebook. 

    If you prefer to work solo and watch the sessions in your own time, you can post questions in the recordings comments section on the website. 

    Will you be running this Course another time?

    At this time this is the only Live version of the Course I'm planning to run. 

    The recordings and resources of the Course will be made available as a take-anytime style course after it ends.   You can choose to get support as you work through my private subscription group if you need it.  

    If you are not sure if you the time you have to dedicate to it right now, I'd suggest getting on board and watching along instead! 

    You'll learn so much more having the Live experience to ask questions and see the issues that arise from other people's projects.  

    Is the course is fully accessible?

    As much as is possible I will make sure that the course is set up to enable everyone to join in and access the content in the best way for them. 

    The Lives and demos will be captioned and full transcripts will be made available.  

    Please contact if you'd like to discuss any other specific needs you might have with me.

    How does it fit with the other Online Course?

    The Full Furniture Upcycling Course takes you through the whole process of restyling furniture from the design right through to new fittings.  

    The piece being created on it is a drinks cabinet with a geometric design so that course focuses much more on painting and design techniques with Wood being just part of the overall process. 

    There is a little overlap in some of the aspects of stripping and finishes on the Courses but this Course is taking a much deeper dive into the world of Wood restoration. 

    We'll be looking at all of the methods and products, the issues you might encounter and how to resolve them, as well as how to repair and enhance the Wood in different ways. 

    It also includes other techniques for Wood refinishing that I now incorporate into my own work too. 

    I would recommend taking BOTH Courses if you are starting out and wanting to tackle both painted design furniture and beautiful wood pieces! 

    And if you want to get the most comprehensive start possible you can choose the COURSEBUNDLE and get both courses plus my Decoupage class as a special package for just £697.   That's a saving £252 on buying them separately! 



    Learn Week by Week

    Join the online sessions and get to ask all those burning questions as we go along

    Modules gradually rolled out

    Allows you to build a deeper undestanding at each stage taking things step-by-step

    Go at your Own Pace

    Fit the course into your schedule and watch on replay as often as you like

    Life time access

    The course materials and support group are yours to access whenever you need


    • I'll be showing you exactly how I go about transforming furniture myself, including my own personal refinishing techniques and process for creating beautiful wood with or without design developed over 6 years.

    • The demos are packed with extra value that you can't really list in modules as I share so many other little - though often invaluable - tips and tricks I've gained along the way! 

    • As an award-winning Upcycler / Furniture Refinisher, who has exhibited at leading Design events and has just joined BBC's Money for Nothing, you will be learning from someone with a great reputation for high quality work.

    • I have shared what I've learned with thousands of people online, and hundreds through my courses and Lives - many of whom have moved on to start their own businesses. 

    • And, finally... because learning with me is enjoyable! I don't do stuffy or formal.  This course is very relaxed - you can ask me A-N-Y thing and there are NEVER any stupid questions, ever! I'll happily explain again if it helps. My mission is to make sure you're making sense of stuff while building up your skills and having fun in the process! 

    Are you ready to get cracking and come to and join me on the Course? 

    What they say about the Course

    Jael Kuhl

    Furniture Artist, Gold Earth Design

    I was not feeling confident about my skills and I was worried about making basic mistakes. Now, I feel so much more prepared to take on work and challenges in my journey with upcycling! Nicky provided awesome resources and guidance that I can keep with me forever. I am so thankful to have found her and to have the opportunity to work with her even from so far away. If you want to learn professional skills and feel confident about the quality of your work I highly recommend the course."

    Kelly Brown

    Vintage Furniture Refurbisher, Raymonds Rose

    I’d highly recommend Nicky’s workshops / coaching if you are looking for a new venture or help with upcycling furniture. I researched a number of companies who did similar workshops to Nicky before I decided to take the plunge, I love her style and her work ethic and the fact she is incredibly talented just to name a few! I never thought I would be able to start a new business after completing Nicky’s course, it was certainly a game changer for me!

    Linda Stone

    Furniture Artist, Tilly Telstar

    If, like me, you are new to the world of furniture painting and you want to produce a contemporary finish to your furniture. Spend the money and take Nicky’s course! The course will give you the skills you need turn out beautiful work. I am now confident that I can sell my work and start my business. Thank you Nicky ! Your online course was extremely helpful to me."   

    Helen Meredith

    Furniture Designer, Tiggy Lou Creations

    Before I started working with Nicky, I was struggling to know where to start with masking tape design and what order you did the different steps. But I’m so glad I joined her workshop as I learnt all the skills I needed. Nicky really helped me get clear on the process, the tools required, how to avoid mistakes and importantly, when mistakes do happen, how to correct them!"  

    About Nicky

    Inspiring Upcycling for Interiors
    I'm a well-established Upcycyler & Furniture Designer based in the UK specialising in Modern Vintage designs. My signature style of  geometric designs over beautifully restored Wood as well as innovative upcycling ideas. 

    I split my time between working on upcycling commissions and upycled interior design consultations and teaching upcycling techniques through my Studio workshops and Online courses and support group.  

    I also enjoy spreading the good word about Upcycling too through my my membership of the House of Upcycling and directly at events through speaking, demonstrating and exhibiting. 

     I've been involved with Grand Designs Live in Birmingham and London, Clerkenwell Design Week, The London Design Show. Living North Live and Decorex.

    I've just recently filmed for BBC1's Money for Nothing with the episodes due to air this year - so watch out for them!

    My work has also been featured in various publications, among them Observer Design, Real Homes & Reclaim Magazine. 

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