Learn to restore and re-design Vintage Furniture with striking Modern designs with Nicky from Done up North

Take your furniture designs up a gear and your confidence to the next level with the only furniture design course of its kind teaching you end-to-end the process of creating distinctive designs with tape, beautifully restored wood and super smooth finishes. 

You can also join the 
the Design Your Way 5 day Challenge which will help you get those ideas flowing and learn to design

    Done up North geometric cocktail sideboard

    Are you ready to take that big leap towards the creative life doing something you love?

    Join the newly revamped course today and get the bonus special Live sessions with Nicky

    Cut through the Confusion & get right to Creating! 

    It can be incredibly confusing and not a little overwhelming trying to pick your way through all of the advice out there can't it? 

    Sometimes you just need the one, right answer don't you? So then you can get it right and not have to make mistakes figuring it all out yourself through trial and error. 

    I know, because I've been there!

    Furiously Googling, searching for the answers and feeling quite overwhelmed at times.  In fact I learned pretty much most of what I know from making so many mistakes, trying out so many different products and trying to crack the perfection application techniques.

    That's what this Course will give you.  All my years of experience and knowledge distilled down and shared with YOU so you can focus MUCH MUCH more on the enjoyment of the creative process itself!  

    By coming on my Course you effectively short cut yourself to the good stuff armed with absolutely tried and trusted techniques and solid  knowledge of types of products to choose. 

    That will give you so much confidence in your ability to tackle more projects by yourself armed with your new knowledge and skills.

    You'll not only save yourself wasted time and money, you'll also save yourself all of the heartache and frustration that can come with trying to figure it all yourself the hard way.  There is a better way for YOU!

    Learn Cutting Edge Furniture Refinishing with Done up North
    Learn Cutting Edge Furniture Refinishing with Done up North

    The newly revamped course starts October 2021

    How the Course works 

    In-depth Demo Sessions

    The demos of the Course are broken into manageable sections so you can follow along step-by-step as Nicky transforms a piece of furniture along with you. 

    Live coaching / Q&As

    Nicky will host a weekly session to help you with any questions you've got as you work on your own projects

    Online Community

    Making the whole process of learning so much more enjoyable, you'll be able to join the special Course group where Nicky will be on hand to support you & cheer you on!

    Course resource area

    All of the course materials will also be made available via a dedicated Course website, along with session transcripts, worksheets and other reference notes
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    Selecting furniture & tools
    You'll learn how to select & assess vintage furniture for your projects, deciding what materials you are working with and the best tools and supplies to use.
    Planning your process
    Guiding you through deciding the best approach to your projects in terms of prep needed based on your design and the furniture itself and the step-by-step process you'll take
    Prepping Techniques
    You'll learn techniques for getting super smooth paint finishes easily and effectively, how to choose paint products and get the best out of them
    Done up North Drinks Cabinet before and after geometric design
    Painting Techniques
    The best techniques for getting super smooth paint finishes easily and effectively, how to choose paint products and understand about optimal painting conditions
    Tape Design Techniques
    In depth demos covering different tape design techniques, how to lay out, sequence applications, cutting and how to get a really precise result.
    Finishes & Finishing Touches
    An in-depth look at the different finishes available to protect and enhance your furniture designs and how to apply them as well as how to re-finish fittings such as handles

    Doors open October 18th

    Come and meet Nicky and everyone in the special Online Community!


    Is this Course Right for Me?

    • This is a perfect course if you have never even lifted a paintbrush as I’ll show you everything in detail right from the very start! You don't need any experience at all.

    • It’s also great for you if you have some experience but perhaps want to enhance your knowledge or skills or improve a specific aspect of your technique (have a look at the modules below for more detail)

    • It’s also great if you already a Pro and skilled in certain areas and want to add new techniques to your repertoire! 

    • And it’s definitely going to be perfect for you if you want to get started with Masking Tape Design or get better results than you’re currently getting.    

    What do I need to take the Course?

    You will need a project piece and certain tools and products. 

    We'll send you a list of the essential items before the course starts, with some optional extra items depending on the design and the type of piece you choose. It doesn't take a huge investment in equipment to take this Course. 

    The items are broken down by week too so you don't need to buy everything at once, but just as you come to that stage.

    You will ideally need access to a printer (black & white is fine) and a computer / tablet to access the Course group and watch the modules and take part in the Live Q&A sessions.  You could potentially do this using a mobile phone too.  

    How does it work if I can't join in Live

    All of the Course modules are recorded and available to watch on replay you can watch them at a time that works for you and as often as you like.   

    Live Q&A sessions are held regularly and will be arranged ay varying times to allow as many people as possible to join them despite their differing commitments and of course, different timezones. 

    Nicky will also be available in the Course Group  to support you and answer questions and provide ad hoc extras. 

    How long do I have to complete the Course

    You can do it as quickly or slowly as you like depending on your other commitments.

    All of the demos and materials are yours to access indefinitely so if life is busy take it at your own pace! 

    If you select a piece as guided in the introductory modules and were following along 1 day at the weekend it's estimated it would take you 4-6 weeks or in hours 32-48 hours. 

    But it depends how complex your design is and of course people work at different speeds! 

    The most important thing is not to feel pressure and to enjoy the Course.  

    We'll hold a weekly watch party when the Course first launches to help give you a time to focus on each week though! 

    When is the Course?

    This next Course will open it's doors on 18th October 2021. 

    Nicky generally runs the course twice a year.  

    Can I join if I'm not in the UK?

    You absolutely can!

    We have had people from around the World on the Online courses - it's a wonderful way to get to work together.  

    Have a look at the FAQ 'How does it work if I can't join in Live' for a little more info on different timezones. 

    Is the course is fully accessible?

    As much as is possible I will make sure that the course is set up to enable everyone to join in and access the content in the best way for them. 

    The Lives and demos will be captioned and full transcripts will be made available.  

    Please contact if you'd like to discuss your needs with us.

    I'm not on Facebook so can I still take part?

    Yes!  You absolutely can. 

    The Course Demos, Live Q&A replays and all other materials will all be accessible through a Members area of the website.  

    The Lives will take place on Zoom and streamed into the Community so you can still join to ask questions without needing to access Facebook.



    Learn Live Week by Week

    Create your own unique piece of furniture over 6 weeks

    Modules gradually rolled out

    Allows you to build a deeper undestanding at each stage

    Go at your Own Pace

    Fit the course into your schedule and watch on replay

    Life time access

    The course materials are available to you indefintely


    • I'll be showing you how to re-design it the unique Done up North way that has become a much emulated style within Modern Furniture Refinishing. 

    • You will be learning the exact techniques I use myself to create high quality pieces that will look good and stay looking good for a long time to come.

    • The workshops are packed with value as I share all of my tips, insider info and personally gained experience.  

    • As a three-time award-winning Upcycler / Furniture Refinisher you can be confident are learning from an industry leader. 

    • I have shared what I've learned with thousands of people online, and hundreds through my courses and Lives - many of whom have moved on to start their own businesses

    • And, oh yes, learning with me is fun too - this is certainly not a stuffy or dry course. We're all here to do something we love after all!

    Join this specially revamped course and learn to do something you love with Nicky by your side

    What they say about the Course

    Jael Kuhl

    Furniture Artist, Gold Earth Design

    I was not feeling confident about my skills and I was worried about making basic mistakes. Now, I feel so much more prepared to take on work and challenges in my journey with upcycling! Nicky provided awesome resources and guidance that I can keep with me forever. I am so thankful to have found her and to have the opportunity to work with her even from so far away. If you want to learn professional skills and feel confident about the quality of your work I highly recommend the course."

    Kelly Brown

    Vintage Furniture Refurbisher, Raymonds Rose

    I’d highly recommend Nicky’s workshops / coaching if you are looking for a new venture or help with upcycling furniture. I researched a number of companies who did similar workshops to Nicky before I decided to take the plunge, I love her style and her work ethic and the fact she is incredibly talented just to name a few! I never thought I would be able to start a new business after completing Nicky’s course, it was certainly a game changer for me!

    Linda Stone

    Furniture Artist, Tilly Telstar

    If, like me, you are new to the world of furniture painting and you want to produce a contemporary finish to your furniture. Spend the money and take Nicky’s course! The course will give you the skills you need turn out beautiful work. I am now confident that I can sell my work and start my business. Thank you Nicky ! Your online course was extremely helpful to me."   

    Helen Meredith

    Furniture Designer, Tiggy Lou Creations

    Before I started working with Nicky, I was struggling to know where to start with masking tape design and what order you did the different steps. But I’m so glad I joined her workshop as I learnt all the skills I needed. Nicky really helped me get clear on the process, the tools required, how to avoid mistakes and importantly, when mistakes do happen, how to correct them!"  

    About Nicky

    A new angle on Furniture Refinishing...
    Nicky is an infuential Modern Vintage furniture designer with a speciality for creating unique geometric designs and striklingly reimagined vintage furniture

    She has won several awards for her original and experimental designs including International Upcycler in a Modern design category, Technical Refinishing Artist and Wood Refinishing Artist. ​

    She is a Member of The House of Upcycling, Ambassador Associate for their membership of the British Institute of Interior Design, has appeared at Grand Designs Live and in Reclaim Magazine and is due to be appearing at the rescheduled 2020 Ideal Home Show.

    She creates one-off design pieces from her own designs and to order for her clients.   She also devotes a lot of her time to teaching aspiring Furniture Refinishers how to create their own original designs and help them on their way towards doing something creative they love too, through her courses and coaching groups.
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