Furniture Upcycling course - Supply List

Supply List 

This is best case scenario of what you need for the workshop and includes links to what I would provide for you on a workshop myself.

Please don't worry if you can't get everything as I can help you with workarounds.  There are ways and means to solve pretty much most problems... as long as you have paint and brushes! ;)

Just drop me a message if you want to ask any questions or check if what you have already will do the job!

Essential Supplies 

Week 1 

  • Cleaner such Fusion TSP.  You can use Sugar Soap / other degreaser but rinse WELL
  • Dish Scrubby (I use washable silver scourers from Wilko)
  • Clean, dry rags or paper towels (I use washable microfibre cloths like these)
  • Sandpaper – 180 (Plus: for heavy scratches -120. For getting to raw wood - 60)
  • Cork Sanding Block  (Mine is from Wilko) 
  • Dust mask if you are not in a well ventilated area
  • Dust pan & brush
  • Tack cloth (a very, very rung out damp cloth will suffice if you've not got one)

Optional - depending on your piece:

Week 2

  • Fusion Mineral Paint (If not using Fusion, try to tick to self-sealing paint such as 'Satinwood', 'Eggshell' or other Mineral type furniture paints with an 'in-built top coat')
  • Flat Synthetic Paint brushes in various sizes – 1” for detail, 2” / 3” for larger areas
    (I love these and these)
  • Aluminium Foil (or you might prefer cling wrap)
  • Synthetic sanding pads like these (Usually I get fine and super fine) 

Optional depending on your piece:

Week 3 

  • Masking Tape for delicate surfaces (Frogtape is my first choice but this stuff is pretty good!
  • Craft scalpel with a straight edge pointed blade (I use this style)
  • Long ruler (I prefer clear, some like to cut against metal - so this one which is clear with a metal edge is perfect!)


  • Mini Masking tapes - come in different widths. I recommend a brand called Tamiya (just buy the refills)

Week 4

  • Top coat, wax, oil - you could choose to buy a product after you have completed the final module and decided the protection and look you want from what we cover :)  I will demo the options!
  • Foam Brush / applicator 

Post a pic of your piece in the Workshop group if you're not sure what you might need.

*Please note: these are affiliate links so I might get a few pennies back if you decide to buy anything using them!

Also: Have a look at the top tools I recommend for Furniture Upcycling
(You won't need them all for this project neccesarily - key tools are listed above)