Your Leeds stockist for the best furniture paint in town - Fusion Mineral Paint!

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Done up North & Chirpy in Chapel Allerton have joined forces to bring Fusion Mineral Paint to Leeds.

Fusion Mineral Paint has taken the furniture painting world by storm since its arrival on the scene with its ease of use, brilliant contemporary finish and gorgeous colours (53 in all at the last count!), and awesome metallic paint range.

Chirpy is now home to our specially selected range of Fusion colours and products.  The whole Fusion Mineral Paint range is available to order into store.  

How to find us: 

148 Harrogate Road
Chapel Allerton
LS7 4NZ (Map & opening times)

Phone: 0113266 0062 or email Nicky & Jo:

We also offer a postal service at reasonable rates (£3.95 for up to 2 pots, then £5.95)

Why Fusion Mineral Paint

Why Fusion?

Forget what you know about other furniture paints... Fusion Mineral Paint is THE most sought after furniture paint around and for good reason (or reasons! See below)

Using Fusion has made a huge di
fference to the success and enjoyment of my work as a furniture designer and I thought it was about time everyone else got a chance to use the paint that makes furniture painting a joy! 

We use Fusion Mineral Paint products in all our workshops so if you want to learn more about the paint and have a go with it check out the Workshops section or pop into Chirpy and have a chat to Jo! 

If you have any other questions or would like order paint to pick up please email us at 

And the reasons why we love it...

  • It's brilliant for creating smooth virtually brush-stroke free finishes and long-lasting, hard-wearing results

  • It can be used alone to give a lovely soft, matte finish which is waterproof & highly durable (yes it can be used outside too!)

  • Unlike chalk paint it doesn't need any wax or top coat to seal it (though you can if you fancy it)

  • You can get creative with metallics, glazes and waxes if you want to create a different look

  • Minimal amount of prep is needed as due to its formulation Fusion will stick well to most surfaces

  • It can be used to paint laminate, metal and glass just by applying a coat of Fusion Ultra Grip first

  • With no odour and virtually no VOCs (i.e. nasties!) it's a paint you can happily use around the home

Fusion is the perfect paint for old pieces, new pieces, cabinets, woodwork indoors and outdoors and even fabric!

Find out more about Fusion Mineral Paint at