The products I use!

I love to help shortcut the process of finding the right, great products for the job for you! 

Here are the products I use every day in restoring and re-finishing furniture that I wouldn't be without. 


Fusion TSP  
Wilko Paint and varnish stripper

Wilko Wood Dyes

Wilko wire wool 


Brushes / Rollers


Art brushes

Painting & Finishing

Fusion Mineral Paint

General Finishes 

Super fine sanding pads

Tack Cloths




Frogtape Delicate

Cutting knives



Disclaimer: Yes I will earn a little bit if you use my links and as a little biz I would honestly be very grateful if you did do but please feel free to shop around using my recommendations!  I only recommend the products I really use from the sources I really buy from at the prices I really pay myself :)