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The Top Three Paint Strippers for Perfect Prep

The Top Three Paint Strippers for Perfect Prep

Getting a perfectly prepared surface is absolutely essential to achieving a high-quality result with your refinishing work.  In this video I try out different paint strippers and compare the results.
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Tip of the week: removing vintage bolt covers easily!

Tip of the week this week is all about dealing with those nut and bolt covers - or 'Domes of Silence' (yes really!) - that you might have inside the doors and drawers of vintage furniture.It's important to get all your hardware off at the start of any job though and so this is my go-to method 
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My Top tips for super smooth, brush stroke free furniture painting

Have you struggled with brush strokes or an uneven finish on your furniture painting projects? I've been there, and it's why I am sharing these top 5 tips for super smooth, modern, virtually brush-stroke free paint finish.  
The top ten tools for Upcycling Vintage furniture

The top ten essential tools for Upcycling Vintage Furniture

It needn't break the bank to start Upcycling and if you are thinking about which you tools you might need to get started then check out my guide to my top ten most used tools for upcycling vintage furniture.