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Roberson Liquid Metal

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Intense, super reflective metallic paint in SO many beautiful shades!  

The range is large so we have a selection of my favourite colours and most popular sizes in stock to dispatch immediately and can order in any other colours and sizes as requested.

All colours come in 30ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litre and 5 litre sizes so there is the perfect size whether you're working on a small detailed project or a much larger surface area.   

If you would like to order a colour or size we don't hold in stock or ask any questions about the product itself, please email  studio@doneupnorth.com


Roberson Liquid Metals have a rich deep colour, ideal for a wide range of applications including plaster, wood, paper & canvas.

Roberson Liquid Metals have been developed in partnership with artists and designers to provide a broad range of metallic shades and they also mix beautifully to create endless more shades.

Liquid Metals do not tarnish and do not need to be varnished. 

They are water based and easy to use, covering almost every surface with ease. The colours are permanent, they will not fade or darken with time and can be recoated when touch dry.

The paint can be used directly from the pot or let down with water for air-less spray application. 
All colours are intermixable and water wash up. Coverage 7 sq metres Per litre.

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